Rapid and consistent viability testing of tomato seeds

Viability testing is one of the most important and frequent quality control procedures. And seed viability can only decline - once a seed is dead, then it needs to be excluded. Time of storage, storage conditions, and seed handling/processing are all factors causing loss of seed viability. Selling samples with low viability causes rejects, and they are a hassle for everybody involved...   

Traditional viability testing of seeds takes 10-14 days, and results are often quite variable. Spectral Analytix Inc. can provide test results with higher and more consistent accuracy, no handling/processing of seeds is necessary, and results are obtained in 48-72 hours.   

Tomato seeds.JPG

Tomato Seeds

Proof of concept

A client provided five samples of tomato seeds - all with know percentages of viable seeds ranging from %. Optical data from the two seed samples with highest and lowest viabilities were used as "training data" to develop an algorithm that can separate viable and non-viable seeds. Afterwards, optical data were collected from all five seed samples, and it is seen that predicted and actual viabilities were very similar - even for the three samples not included in the training data.

Tomato viability2.jpg

We have identified unique spectral features associated with viable and non-viable seeds, and we can use those spectral features to develop high accurate and fast sorting and classification solutions. Customized viability solutions can also be developed for other crop seeds.