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Clients for life..

Spectral Analytix Inc. strives to create clients for life relationships with costumers and offers two complementary business models: 1) service, and 2) system installment and personnel training. Both models are accompanied by comprehensive client support. The 5-step process is described below.    

Discuss sorting solution needs

We work diligently with our clients to identify priorities and to ensure that optical solutions meet expectations. Minimum classification accuracy, throughput demand, number of object categories to be classified, variability within and between object categories - these are just some of the aspects that greatly influence how to customize an optical solution to a specific need.

Initial feasibility study

Representative samples of object categories are used to develop an initial "classification algorithm" - the machine learning algorithm used to classify objects. Proprietary performance diagnostics are used to thoroughly examine both accuracy and robustness of the classification algorithm.  

Comprehensive analysis

If results from the feasibility study meet expectations, then a more comprehensive analysis is performed, and thorough validation procedures are included.  

Commercial agreement

If results from the comprehensive analysis meet expectations, then a commercial plan is developed. Spectral Analytix Inc. offers two separate business models: 1) service, and 2) system installation. We recommend that a first commercial agreement is based on service (clients shipping samples to be analyzed). At later stage, the commercial agreement can be modified and focus on training of clients' personnel and installment of a complete system.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Throughout the entire process and also after a commercial agreement has been made, we work with our clients to ensure satisfaction and to maximize the benefits of our collaboration 

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